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The HVAC market is saturated with brands that offer heating and cooling solutions. Some youve heard of and the majority not so much. Haier has made a renewed investment into the North American HVAC Industry and is developing products which stay true to the reputation of quality, reliability and dependability we are known for! Watch Why Haier Ductless Video. Register Your Product. Stay in the loop on product safety notices and warranty info. Ductless Product FAQs. See our frequently asked and answered ductless air conditioner questions. Looking to purchase or need service on an existing ductless unit? Find a dealer near you. Still have questions? We've' got your back. Chat, email, or give us a call. Ductless Dealers Distributors // Visit our Pro page for resources just for you. Find a Store. Check Order Status. Appliance Delivery Installation Removal.
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A list of available rebates can be found here. 1 In the summer, a heat pump uses a refrigeration cycle to move heat from your home to the outside just like an air conditioner. In the winter, with the refrigeration cycle run in reverse, a heat pump moves heat from the outside into your home. 2 Indoor unit is an air handler circulating room air across refrigerant coils. 3 Outdoor unit is a compressor responsible for keeping coils hot or cold. 4 Efficiency Maine, having installed over 10000, ductless mini-split heat pumps to provide heat during harsh winters, requires single head units with a Heating Seasonal Performance Factor HSPF of over 12.0 BTU/Wh and found them to work extremely well. Air Source Heat Pumps. Learn How a Product Earns the Label. What else should I look for when buying a ductless heating and cooling system? If you've' decided that you want to purchase, learn how to hire a contractor and get an ENERGY STAR Quality Installation. Remember, even though ENERGY STAR certified products can be more expensive to purchase up front, the cost difference will be paid back through lower energy bills.
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What Is A Ductless Heat Pump System? Ductless heat pump systems have one outdoor unit housing a condenser and compressor, and an indoor air-handling component. The outdoor and indoor units get connected using a refrigerant tubing, suction tube, condensate drain, and power cable. No ducts connect the two indoor and outdoor units at all. Electric ductless HVAC heat pumps are the most recent air conditioning and heating innovation. Ductless systems deliver cooled or heated air to the individual rooms. You can select the rooms you want to cool, heat, dehumidify, or filtrate. You can program the two-way split equipment to regulate the temperatures in select rooms.
Ductless Mini-Split Systems in Canada.
Save on Energy Bills in Canada with a Ductless Mini-Split System. Mini-split systems are ideal for Canada homes heated by ductless systemshot water, electric heat or radiant panels. Theyre also a good alternative to heat and cool homes without room for ductwork, additions, garages and more. The systeman outdoor unit and a nearly silent, wall-mounted indoor unitis often known as a mini-split heat pump. Heat pump systems have been used in southern climates for decades to condition homes. However, mini-splits are more energy efficient because they are zoned systems. This means you can change the heating or cooling in single areas. In comparison with conventional electric heating systems, the EPA found ENERGY STAR-rated models can decrease your heating expenses by up to 50 percent. This is due to the fact that mini-splits transfer heat instead of generating it. A mini-split system could also lower your cooling bill by 30 percent, as opposed to regular air conditioning. The system is able to conserve energy because it uses compressors and fans to calibrate cooling speeds. Because there are no ducts on split systems, you wont have the energy loss accompanied with ducted systems like central air or heating.
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With our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish High Wall air conditioner unit, that once limited use space may just become your new favorite retreat. Performance High Wall Indoor Unit DLFEHAA https// Single Zone. QuietComfort Light Commercial Series. Our dependable and efficient ductless heat pumps for light commercial applications.
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Learn about the many benefits of a Fujitsu General mini-split heating and cooling system. With over 40 years of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning HVAC experience and a 99.99% product performance rate, you can rest easy knowing that Fujitsu General ductless systems will keep you and your family comfortable year-round.
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Top Mini-Split Brands. There are many leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment such as ductless systems, making it challenging to know whats best for you if youre just starting to do your research. How do you select durable, affordable equipment that will provide you with reliable home comfort for many years to come? Here are the top brands. Mitsubishi: While you may recognize this brand name more as an auto manufacturer, they have earned an excellent reputation in the home heating and cooling industry as well. Mitsubishi makes several different models of ductless mini-split systems, so you will do well to compare various models to evaluate how theyll hold up to your needs, based on factors such as whether you want to create a zoned system.
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This do it yourself mini-split air conditioner is specifically designed for amateur installation, which means you may be able to save money on the overall investment. The unit delivers 24000, BTU/hour and offers both heating and cooling settings, and its even Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control it from your smartphone or via digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The ductless system doesnt require any special tools for installationthe 25-foot line set is pre-charged with refrigerant and features quick hook-up electrical connections that anyone can installand set up should take a few hours, allowing you to start cooling your home ASAP. Designed for DIY installation. More expensive than comparable units. Best Smart AC.
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With ratings as high as 33.0-SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, systems 9RLS3, 12RLS3 and 15RLS3 are among the highest rated efficiency equipment available anywhere! Quiet Operation: Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are comprised of an indoor and outdoor unit.
What is a Ductless Heat Pump?
Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps are among the most innovative and effective on the market today, and the best systems use them. What is the Difference between a Ductless Heat Pump and a Ductless Air Conditioner? The main difference between a ductless heat pump and a ductless air conditioner is that the heat pump is actually a two-way system. It can pull warm air from a room to make it cooler and draw it in from outside to make it warmer. A ductless air conditioner, on the other hand, is basically a one-way heat pump. In general, ductless heat pumps can effectively heat a home as long as the outdoor temperature doesn't' drop below 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Advantages Over a Traditional HVAC System. Ductless systems have many advantages over traditional HVAC systems. A few prime examples include.: Low Operating Costs Heat pump systems are very energy efficient. The heat pumps themselves require very little electricity to operate. Ductless air conditioners also feature inverter technology that allows compressors to operate at variable speeds. This also makes it easy to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Easy Installation Ductless heat pump installation tends to be much simpler than other heating and cooling installations.
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With combinations of multiple indoor units, a ductless heat pump can be your whole home solution. Ductless Air Conditioner and Ductless Heat Pump Technology. Carrier ductless split systems include inverter-controlled, variable-speed technology for extra efficient heating and cooling. It works similar to cruise control for your car.

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