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Ductless Mini-Split Systems in London.
Mini-split systems are ideal for London homes heated by ductless systemshot water, electric heat or radiant panels. Theyre also a good alternative to heat and cool homes without capacity for ductwork, additions, garages and more. The systeman outdoor unit and a quiet, wall-mounted indoor unitis often called a mini-split heat pump. Heat pump systems have been used in southern climates for decades to condition homes. However, mini-splits are more energy efficient because they are zoned systems. This means you can set the heating or cooling in individual areas. In contrast to regular electric heating systems, the EPA found ENERGY STAR-rated models can lower your heating costs by up to 50 percent. This is due to the fact that mini-splits transfer heat instead of making it. A mini-split system could also reduce your cooling costs by 30 percent, as opposed to conventional air conditioning. The system is able to limit energy use because it uses compressors and fans to regulate cooling speeds. Because there are no ducts on split systems, you wont have the energy loss associated with ducted systems like central air or heating.
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Ductless Mini Splits. Ductless Mini Splits. Shop All Mini Splits. Mini Split ACs. DIY Mini Splits. Mini Split with Heat Pump. Mini Split Parts. DIY Split Systems. CLIMATE CONTROL BY ZONE. Installing a single condenser and wall-mounted units in just the rooms you want to cool or heat allows you to better control the temperature in each room as well as keep energy costs down.
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But what about the cost? With so many benefits, its easy to believe that a ductless mini split will cost you an arm and a leg. But we have some good news. Thanks to the ease of installation, ductless mini splits are extremely affordable. This is particularly true when compared to the cost of replacing an old central AC unit or adding to a pre-existing home.
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We couldnt find any products that match your search. Please clear or revise your filter selections. Having trouble deciding what product meets your needs? Contact your local ICP brand dealer. Our most efficient and quiet ductless heat pumps. Flexible single and multi-zone compatible units with a variety of indoor unit styles available.
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A Ductless Split Air Conditioner. These Lennox ductless split air conditioner units are a very popular alternative to ripping apart your basement and walls in your home to add ductwork. They come with an outside condensing unit, just like a normal central air conditioner which you can mount on a pad or brackets, as well as an inside unit which hangs on the wall. You can have up to four inside units, or head units with every outdoor unit condensing unit. They are controlled by a small remote control which can be mounted like a thermostat or simply left on the coffee table beside your favourite chair. The best location for the head units are in a central location like a stairwell or living room and if at all possible, on an outside wall.
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Cost: A single-zone system with one indoor unit starts around 3000, including installation. A four-zone system costs about 12000, installed. Installation: You'll' need a pro to mount the indoor and outdoor units and connect the 2-inch-wide bundle of refrigerant lines and electric cables. Maintenance: The filter on each indoor unit should be removed and cleaned every month. Once a year, have a technician check refrigerant pressure and flush condensate lines. Noise: Indoor units have whisper-quiet squirrel-cage fans driven by long-life DC motors. Decibel ratings run at about 25, roughly the same as rustling leaves. Warranties: Coverage ranges from 5 to 12 years, but you can expect this sort of mechanical equipment to last 15 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced. Rebates: A few utilities offer rebates for installing ductless AC systems. Many more incentives are available for heat-pump systems. To see whether you might be eligible, go to Beware of installers who size a split AC unit using a rule-of-thumb estimate.
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Heat pumps are ranked among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways of heating and cooling your home, and Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pump systems provide unmatched home comfort capabilities with the potential to save up to 50% on home heating costs. Our ductless solutions are ideal for residential homes that currently have non-ducted systems radiator/hot water heating, electric heating/air conditioning, propane, wood/gas-fired space heating, etc. or where adding supplementary ductwork may prove too difficult or too costly. Ductless products deliver heating and cooling comfort without the need of any additional ductwork. With our optional Cold-Climate Hyper-Heat technology, our products operate efficiently, even in temperatures 30 C and below. Our products are designed with a small footprint to maximize your space and blend seamlessly with your existing decor. You can download a complete brochure with all the details here. ONE ROOM, TWO ROOMS, OR THE WHOLE HOUSE. WE HAVE A SOLUTION. Regardless of your current heating and cooling needs, energy source, or budget, we have a solution that works. Watch these videos to discover a better way. FIND A DEALER NEAR YOU. INDOOR UNITS THE BEST OF FORM AND FUNCTION. Selecting your system starts with design flexibility at your disposal.
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Ideal for supplementing or replacing any type of existing heating and air conditioning system. The cost of ductwork is saved in new construction applications. Line sets refrigerant piping can run 50 feet from the outdoor unit to indoor units, so outdoor units can be installed inconspicuously on the back or side of a home/building. Eliminate the home security risk of a window AC. Outdoor units feature compact, space-saving design. Many utility companies offer energy rebates and incentives for energy efficient mini split system installation, which can be found on the utilitys website or searched at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables Efficiency Did you know? Ductless condenser units outdoor units have compressors designed with inverter technology. Its similar to variable-capacity compressors in standard air source heat pumps.

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