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This bundle includes: Mounting plate, Anchor, Mounting plate fixing screws, Remote control, Fixing screw for remote controller holder ST2.9 x 10, Remote control holder, Air freshening filter, Seal, Allen wrench, Condensate Drain, Drain joint, Neoprene, Owner Installation Manual, Remote Control Manual, Smart Controller Kit, Sound deadening pads, Quick Connect line set refrigerant pipe, Insulation material, Non-Adhesive U.V. See Full Product Description Close. 12000, BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump 17 SEER 115-Volt 1 Ton, 12 ft. Line Set, Wall Mount. The AUX 12000, BTU Mini Split Ductless AC The AUX 12000, BTU Mini Split Ductless AC Heat Pump, is a Cost Effective comfort system that can maintain any home cool and comfortable for as long as desired. This High Quality ductless heat pump is energy efficient, packed with great features and priced to meet most household budgets. Whether you need targeted air comfort for a single zone, or need more general air conditioning in the home, the energy efficient performance of the AUX Inverter variable speed compressor will ensure affordability and effectiveness.
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QuietComfort Light Commercial Series. Our dependable and efficient ductless heat pumps for light commercial applications. Impressive efficiency ratings up to 17.4 SEER cooling and 10.5 HSPF heating. QuietComfort Light Commercial Heat Pump. This new light commercial ductless heat pump checks all the boxes.
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Our local team will install your air conditioner in the most efficient way possible for the unique specifications of an Ottawa summer. Are ductless air conditioners worth it? Ductless air conditioners can definitely be worth exploring, depending on your home cooling needs. There are a large variety of benefits when having this type of appliance installed in your Ottawa area home. A ductless air conditioning system allows for enhanced customisation of the climate in your home. If you have multiple units in multiple rooms, you can adjust the temperature of each unit based on how much time you spend in each room.
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Ductless Air Conditioner. Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner. Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Installation. When it comes to providing cool comfort in spaces that are unequipped with ducts and vents, the best option available is a mini split A/C unit.
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Central Air Conditioners. Ductless Air Conditioners. Ductless Heat Pumps. Central Heat Pumps. Indoor Air Quality Products. HRV and ERVs. Condo Pack Thru-Wall Units. Information About HVAC. How HVAC Systems Work. Do I need to take care of my HVAC system?
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The outdoor compressor cools the air, the connecting line send the cool air to the indoor air conditioning unit, which keeps you cool. The line running from the outside of the house to the inside is about as wide as a drinking straw. We drill a small hole for the connection between the units and insulate it so its completely unnoticeable. The interior units are silent and unobtrusive, with simple controls to create comfortable microclimates within your house. CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR FURNACE? Here are the top 3 concerns and solutions. Find Out More. Manufacturers you TRUST. We monitor the industry and only carry ductless air conditioner units from the most innovative manufacturers. Our brands offer affordable and premium options for homes of all sizes. We can help you find the best choice for your budget and home layout. A quote is never a commitment. Price out all your options, without ducts and with, and see the best option for your home upgrade or home addition. To get started, download our Ductless Mini Split System Brochure today. For 35 years weve provided heating and cooling sales, service and emergency repairs to families just like yours.
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Yearly Maintenance Savings. Shipton's' recommends having yearly maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. This maintenance can save you from costly breakdowns and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Check out our annual plans for more savings, or book your appointment now. Ductless Air Conditioners. Experience amazing home comfort and no hassles with a ductless air conditioner. Ductless air conditioners effectively and efficiently cool your living space without the expense and time consuming effort of installing the necessary ductwork for a central air system. They provide a quiet, clean, safe, and attractive alternative to window air conditioning units. Ductless systems also give you the option to dehumidify a room, even during times when air conditioning is not required. These systems are versatile, convenient, easy to use, and simple to install. Call us today or contact us online with your questions and discover how a ductless air conditioner transforms your home comfort. We provide air conditioning products in Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and surrounding areas. Benefits of a ductless system.: Individual zoning for maximum comfort and savings. Compact design and wall mounting keeps the unit out of the way.
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How Do I Maintain A Ductless Air Conditioner? The best way to maintain any air conditioning unit is with yearly maintenance checks by a licensed technician. Ductless air conditioning units though smaller and less extensive are no exception. When You Factor In Installation And Maintenance Costs, Are Ductless Air Conditioners More Or Less Expensive Than Traditional Units?
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Heating Efficiency Up to 10.8 HSPF. QuietComfort Multi-zone Heat Pump DLCMRA https// Up to 21.4 SEER Up to 10.8 HSPF Multi-Zone. QuietComfort High Wall Indoor Unit. Bring comfort into any space, no matter the shape. With our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish High Wall indoor unit, that once limited use space may just become your new favorite retreat. QuietComfort High Wall Indoor Unit DLFSHA https// Single Multi zone. QuietComfort Console Indoor Unit. This new Cassette indoor unit checks all the boxes. QuietComfort Console Indoor Unit DLFSCA https// Single Multi zone. QuietComfort Ducted Indoor Unit. You wont see it but youll feel really good having it. QuietComfort Ducted Indoor Unit DLFSDA https// Single Multi zone. QuietComfort Console Indoor Unit. Got an unused space thats in need of cooling and heating? Take back that unused space with a high efficient, whisper quiet, stylish Console indoor unit. QuietComfort Console Indoor Unit DLFSFA https// Single Multi zone. The discreet and economical ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.
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We couldnt find any products that match your search. Please clear or revise your filter selections. Having trouble deciding what product meets your needs? Contact your local ICP brand dealer. Our most efficient and quiet ductless heat pumps. Flexible single and multi-zone compatible units with a variety of indoor unit styles available. Variable speed inverter compressor with up to 40.0 SEER ratings. Deluxe Heat Pump. Industry leading heating and cooling capacity with quiet operation. Cooling Efficiency Up to 40.0 SEER. Heating Efficiency Up to 14.5 HSPF. Deluxe Heat Pump DLCPRA https// Up to 40.0 SEER Up to 14.5 HSPF Single Zone. Deluxe High Wall Indoor Unit. Turn that hard to heat and cool area into a comfortable space and a welcome retreat. Our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish ultra-quiet high wall unit includes industry leading features like Follow Me and Occupancy Sensor. This new high wall unit is really quiet and beautifully designed to enhance the look of any space. Deluxe High Wall Indoor Unit DLFPHA https// Single Multi zone. Our dependable and efficient ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.

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