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This bundle includes: Mounting plate, Anchor, Mounting plate fixing screws, Remote control, Fixing screw for remote controller holder ST2.9 x 10, Remote control holder, Air freshening filter, Seal, Allen wrench, Condensate Drain, Drain joint, Neoprene, Owner Installation Manual, Remote Control Manual, Smart Controller Kit, Sound deadening pads, Quick Connect line set refrigerant pipe, Insulation material, Non-Adhesive U.V. See Full Product Description Close. 12000, BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump 17 SEER 115-Volt 1 Ton, 12 ft. Line Set, Wall Mount. The AUX 12000, BTU Mini Split Ductless AC The AUX 12000, BTU Mini Split Ductless AC Heat Pump, is a Cost Effective comfort system that can maintain any home cool and comfortable for as long as desired. This High Quality ductless heat pump is energy efficient, packed with great features and priced to meet most household budgets. Whether you need targeted air comfort for a single zone, or need more general air conditioning in the home, the energy efficient performance of the AUX Inverter variable speed compressor will ensure affordability and effectiveness.
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QuietComfort Light Commercial Series. Our dependable and efficient ductless heat pumps for light commercial applications. Impressive efficiency ratings up to 17.4 SEER cooling and 10.5 HSPF heating. QuietComfort Light Commercial Heat Pump. This new light commercial ductless heat pump checks all the boxes.
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Ductless air conditioning units also tend to be quieter than central air systems, if you are sensitive to sounds then a ductless AC could be right for you. Some ductless air conditioning units also have supplemental heating capabilities, if you find yourself using a space heater every winter, you should consider installing a ductless system because you will not only get a new air conditioner but also a nice wall-mounted heater. The drawback to a ductless air conditioning system is that it will be a visible fixture in your home. Unlike central air where the main unit is installed in a basement or closet out of sight, ductless air conditioners are mounted to the wall in your living room or bedroom. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of your home, it is possible that a ductless system is not the right choice. To sum it up, ductless air conditioning systems give you greater zoning control, can be less expensive, are quieter, and have a greater potential for energy efficiency than a central air conditioning system. Are ductless AC units more efficient?
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Ductless Air Conditioner. Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner. Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Installation. When it comes to providing cool comfort in spaces that are unequipped with ducts and vents, the best option available is a mini split A/C unit.
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Ductless air conditioners are made of multiple parts. We sometimes call them ductless split systems because they split the air conditioning task between the multiple parts. This type of system includes an outdoor compressor unit, refrigerant lines and one or more indoor air conditioning units. The indoor units are supplied with coolant from the outdoor compressor. The refrigerant lines are small enough to run through your walls, and the units placed in each room are very space-friendly. HELPING YOU FIND THE BEST DUCTLESS AIR CONDITIONER PRODUCTS AND SERVICES.
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Humidity control mode available even when cooling is not required. No need to install ductwork, saving time and money on installation costs. No security risks associated with having a window air conditioner unit. Quiet design so youre not interrupted when its working. Perfect for a wide variety of spaces.: Homes without ductwork required to install a central air unit. Residences lacking the space required to install a central air conditioning system. Targeting specific areas for cooling. Checkout our complete list of features and more detailed product information by clicking our Daikin brand logo.: How does a ductless air conditioner work? Ductless air conditioners are also referred to as mini-split systems, because the unit is split into two parts: an indoor unit with an evaporator coil, and an outdoor condensing unit.
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How Do I Maintain A Ductless Air Conditioner? The best way to maintain any air conditioning unit is with yearly maintenance checks by a licensed technician. Ductless air conditioning units though smaller and less extensive are no exception. When You Factor In Installation And Maintenance Costs, Are Ductless Air Conditioners More Or Less Expensive Than Traditional Units?
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Navien Tankless Water Heaters. Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. Water Filter Systems. Daikin Ductless AC. Air Conditioning Repairs and Installation. Daikin Ductless AC. Compact, Quiet Cooling Comfort. Daikin is a top international home comfort provider, as its 90 years of experience and presence in 90 countries attest. They are renowned for their efficient, yet sleek and unobtrusive AC designs. Ductless air conditioners are also known as mini-split due to their compact appearance. No matter their small size, Daikins streamlined systems deliver BIG performance. A single unit can cool up to 1600, square feet. Perfect for retrofitting in any home or room addition without ductwork. Request AC Quote. For Daikin Ductless AC Repair Services or Installation Services Contact Us Today. Daikin Ductless Air Conditioners. Daikin provides quality ductless air conditioners for single, multi and whole-house zones. For sample models, please see below. Then contact us for more info, plus details of any current promotional offers. 17 Series Wall Mount. Daikins 17 Series Wall Mount Systems provide energy efficiency and comfort control with an affordable, cost-saving solution. 17 SEER Performance. R-410A Refrigerant Compatible.
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Our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish ultra-quiet high wall unit includes industry leading features like Follow Me and Occupancy Sensor. This new high wall unit is really quiet and beautifully designed to enhance the look of any space. Deluxe High Wall Indoor Unit DLFPHA https// Single Multi zone. Our dependable and efficient ductless air conditioners and heat pumps.
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Take back that unused space with a high efficient, whisper quiet, stylish Console indoor unit. QuietComfort Console Indoor Unit DLFSFA https// Single Multi zone. The discreet and economical ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Quiet operation with ratings up to 17.6 SEER. Performance Heat Pump. Built to perform. Built to last. Cooling Efficiency Up to 17.6 SEER. Heating Efficiency Up to 10.6 HSPF. Performance Heat Pump DLCERAH https// Up to 17.6 SEER Up to 10.6 HSPF Single Zone. Performance High Wall Indoor Unit. Bring comfort into any space with our new energy-efficient, innovative, and stylish High Wall heat pump unit. Now that once limited use space may just become your new favorite retreat. Performance High Wall Indoor Unit DLFEHAH https// Single Multi zone. Performance Air Conditioner.

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